Professional video livestream for any event

Professionele video livestream verzorgen voor elk evenement

Live Media Facilities handles all on-site technology for a fully catered live video production for your conference, meeting, seminar, lecture, or other corporate event. With a unique and affordable multi-camera recording and reliable hosting of internet streams. Video livestreaming expands the reach of any event. Because anyone who cannot be there in person can still experience it. Anywhere in the world.

Keep every aspect of your broadcast under control with our own Livestreamhost Platform. This eliminates the reliance on social media channels to display the livestream on your website or external page. With interactive features such as moderated chat, access control, and pay-per-view payment options. And the highest quality of livestream embedding. Avoid depending solely on social media channels for embedding videos on your web page.

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Advantages of Live Stream Production

Multi-camera recording is a standard feature at Live Media Facilities, as it is essential for achieving flawless livestream execution. Therefore, it is included with all of our productions.

Reaching a lager audience

Engage with individuals who may not be able to attend the event due to distance or other reasons. An engaging program motivates the online audience to consider attending the next edition in person.

From small-scale video live streams to extensive event productions

We can produce a livestream with just one technician, utilizing remote control for multiple cameras.
For larger productions, we provide a complete team, including camera operators, wireless connections, video direction, audio engineers, and event lighting.

Increased exposure

Your company, brand, or sponsor will receive enhanced visibility.

We are delighted to assist you in strategically placing the livestream on your website, ensuring it attracts the maximum number of viewers.

From Webinar to hybrid Live Event

Live Media Facilities offers a unique feature to display presentations with PowerPoint in separate windows, similar to a webinar.

Every livestream can incorporate hybrid functions and other interactive options.

Live Video with reliable internet streams

Let Live Media Facilities stream your event live

Experience the live streaming services of Live Media Facilities for your next event. Whether it’s your company website, Facebook page, YouTube or Vimeo channel, we make sure your livestream reaches your audience.
We specialize in live video and Internet streaming, and our team of experts in video, audio, and event technology are here to make your event shine. With our self-owned live streaming equipment and cameras, we provide flexibility and last-minute booking options.
Our livestream embed code ensures a seamless integration experience with no visible branding. Choose from a range of domain names or sub-domains for your livestream URL.
We provide internet distribution managed by ourselves, with no social media restrictions and unlimited branding and sponsor exposure. Our backup connections guarantee extra reliability, and we even offer satellite and mobile channels for locations with limited internet access. In addition to free livestreams, we also offer paid options with online payment solutions common in Europe.
Our advanced portable video mixers and rack-mounted production units can handle up to 20 video channels. With 50 years of media experience, you can trust Live Media Facilities to deliver outstanding results for your event.


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“Live Media Facilities has its own livestream servers. That is more reliable than a ‘free’ social media channel and there is maximum control. Interactive functions and access control are no problem.”

“A recording of the four-day livestream was immediately available after each program section to post online.”

“We show our company presentations to the other branches via a live connection.”

“ At our trade fair presentation, we have Live Media Facilities broadcast a talk show every year, with internet streaming to our web page.”

“ Our sponsors like to advertise in the live stream broadcast for extra visibility. This will amply recoup the livestream costs.”

“ Our sponsors like to advertise in the livestream broadcast for extra visibility. This will amply recover the livestream costs.”

“The outdoor sports tournament was broadcast from a central edit room, with wireless connections to cameras on the site. During breaks, it alternated with commentary by well-known top athletes.”

“For our 3-day conference, Live Media supplied all event technology. In addition to livestream, also display on screens, sound, light and PowerPoint support. Everything arranged by one supplier.”

“PowerPoint is an important element of our presentations. Live Media can display this continuously alongside the camera image, without having to convert the files first.”

Live Media Facilities