Broadcast on your own website

Showcase a video livestream on your website? Optimal results can be achieved by embedding it directly from our Live Media Livestream host, bypassing popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.
We deliver flawless livestream experiences within your dedicated online environment, boasting unrivaled quality and reliability. It is still possible to additionally display social media content by forwarding it from our transcoder. 

Livestream seamlessly on your website with no interruptions or hindrances.

Advantages of hosting the livestream on your site through our independent Livestreamhost distribution channel:

    • Ad-free experience before, during and after the video.
    • Visitors stay on your site even in full screen mode.
    • Uninterrupted broadcasting, even with background music.
    • No need to share viewer data with social media.
    • Improved live stream embedding quality.
    • Access control or payment features, which are common in Europe.

    When livestreaming on your website using our Livestreamhost platform, you can showcase sponsor expressions and corporate branding without constraints typically imposed by social media platforms

    Dedicated website for your event and the livestream.

    If your website lacks the suitable layout or capacity to embed a live stream, we can create a dedicated webpage for your event and the livestream. This can be implemented as a subdomain of your website.

    Our livestreams seamlessly integrate with your website.

    Our livestreams are responsive, ensuring that the video window perfectly aligns with your website’s layout.

    The video consistently stays within the column of the webpage and adapts to smartphone screens. This isn’t always the case with YouTube or Vimeo. Additionally, we can customize the livestream’s color scheme to harmonize with the design of your website.

    Generating revenue with your livestream.

    With a livestream on the website, a payment function is possible. For events with paid on-premise access, it is reasonable to charge a fee for the live broadcast.

    On social media channels, the possibilities for access control are limited. However, in our website streams, this can be easily added.

    A paid livestream provides the opportunity to recoup the costs!

    For paid access, we provide a custom solution with relatively low processing costs, resulting in higher revenue compared to elsewhere. If you have your own webshop or other payment options on your site, we can integrate with them.

    Integral recording, Aftermovie or Web video

    By default, an integral recording is made of the broadcasted video in multiple file formats. One of these is directly suitable for upload to the internet.

    As an additional option, we can create a web video or aftermovie based on this recording. Since the footage from various cameras has already been merged into a single video stream, this requires less work than editing individual camera files. For more information, please contact us.