Mobile data

Integrating channel bundling for mobile 4G/5G networks and satellite

If a reliable internet connection is unavailable for live streaming at your location, we provide diverse solutions. One option involves bonding multiple 4G/5G cellular data connections, coupled with transmission amplification and satellite connectivity.

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External bonding antennas for live stream with multiple data channels
Livestream from remote location with mobile channel bonding

Live stream from any location

Combining mobile channels

With a special hardware encoder, the video signal is transmitted over the internet by bundling 4 to 6 different mobile data channels.

A single mobile connection is susceptible to network fluctuations, which can disrupt a continuous live connection. Combining multiple connections addresses this issue. When one channel experiences temporary unavailability, the others take over.

For added assurance, the cellular channels are distributed across the available mobile providers.

It may happen that a specific provider experiences an outage in the relevant network cell. Seamlessly switching to another one resolves this issue.

Transmitter amplification

Amplifying the mobile signal provides additional reliability and availability for the video livestream.

For this purpose, high-power external antennas are used in combination with a transmission amplifier.

This allows us to utilize a network cell that is further away if the one at the event location is overloaded

It is not easily predictable when there might be a potential overload at the event location.
It depends on the number of people with smartphones, other communication devices, and concurrent activities in the vicinity.
Being well-prepared for such situations is highly advisable.

Satellite internet connection

Extra security

By combining mobile channels with a satellite connection, virtually nothing can go wrong. Even when channel bundling is not feasible in your situation, a satellite connection provides greater reliability than mobile alone, provided there are no obstructions to the satellite line of sight.


Starlink offers the simplest and most cost-effective solution for a satellite connection. It provides ample bandwidth (internet speed), sufficient for livestreaming on its own. However, it requires an unobstructed view of the sky, making it occasionally impractical in urban areas. Nevertheless, we can conduct preliminary tests at your desired location. The use of tripods up to 6 meters high, often reduces potential issues with obstacles.

KA satellite

KA operates with a narrower beam, making it more deployable in urban areas.
It has a lower internet speed compared to Starlink, making it ideal for combining with mobile internet channels.
The setup is somewhat more intricate and involves slightly higher costs.

Starlink satelliet opstelling voor Livestream

A live stream connection using mobile data over 4G/5G or satellite can be utilized for our own livestreamhost as well as for live productions from other producers.